miércoles, 12 de noviembre de 2014


PREFACE. Night of November the 1st 2014.

It´s been a little more than a  year  since I took a plane to a new life. A journey in which me and my family  embarked  with the  hope to improve. Improving in every way, guided by that beautiful sentence you can read in the Constitution of the United States: "The right of every man to seek his own happiness."

We never believed happiness had geographic location, because it does not, but we think it can grow in accepting new challenges, especially when those challenges are self- imposed. It can thrive in a whistle, sassy and defiant, to premiering experiences, or  in the testing of one's capability to adapt. It definetly rises in understanding change as growth, and in the steady pace to encounter with the new.

We left, but never ran away from Spain. There was not then, and there isn´t today any reason that could force us to unfold our lives like a sock. Nothing, and no one, put us at the prospect of leave as a lesser evil. Coming here was the result of wanting more, not of scaping from less.

If we did not come before it was, precisely and paradoxically, for the same reasons that from a plain glance could have pushed us to leave. This may be difficult to understand ... maybe I´ll tell you about it someday.

Spain, it´s  overall concept and our particular Spain, are as alive as ever inside us. We are in Dubai but we live Spain, we are Spain and we sound Spain. We came away with the conviction that being Spain far from it, was a different and wonderful way of being Spanish, and that it was worth it.

I will not fall into the easy temptation to paint our life here as something marvellous and flawless, I´m not gonna lie.

I never cared much about what it was said or thought about me; those who know me know well. I've always given things the same category as the people who said them had. I´ve only be eager to tune with those that had the courage to speak directly to me, and of course I never raised to the state of important anything that wouldn´t come from those who really care about me.

Therefore, neither hurt me dark opinions, nor it is my aim to dazzle anyone.

No. I am not harmed by people that inhabit a skin in wich I could not live, because honestly I don´t fit into it. They don´t hurt me when they slip a grinning smile as they hear that my journey, or the journeys of others that followed me,  are full of blues, heartaches and disappointments. Neither it does prick me when it's their voice that invents, increases, edits or simply spreads alleged wreckages.

I will not deny falsehoods, I don´t feel like giving them that pleasure; though perhaps their joy stands just in believing they are true. Good Luck!

I also refuse to put myself in a showcase in which only expensive and branded cloths appear. I do not need it.

There is no good reason to try to overwhelm anyone with the glamour of the closet, because my closet here is like it was there: a bit of everything, good, great and fair, but different. And also because opening the door to show only the sharp stuff, would be like giving reason to those who are happy thinking that I only wear flip flops since I came.

 I will speak about me, and us. I´ll sit in front of the keyboard some nights among the thousand and one, to tell you stories, experiences that belong to persons, as far as personal moments and livings can get to be shown.

I'll tell you what it has meant, and means, having packed luggage of hope and sometimes find out that some things you brought were wrong. I'll tell you how some clothes that came worn and dirty now seem just bought.

Or how two teenagers are able of a new start in the path of the brave.  Enjoying, with adult responsibility and childish enthusiasm, a new dress that grows with them.

I'll tell you how small is her outfit becoming, as the unbeatable pace of her humanity´s rise threatens to heckle the sewings.

I'll tell you, because I've always have, because I've never been loath to, it´s stronger than me. And besides… it´s been a long time without telling you anything.

I will tell you how I live, how we live, some nights on the place they say a thousand of them are too few, and just one more could be magical.

And also, that I think with magic happens as it does with happiness: It is not anywhere and can be all around. It is wherever you go with the non-negotiable intention to dig a hollow for its own. Wherever you are able to plant it, although sometimes you may need the audacity to praise it away from where it lived.

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